Ultra Sweat Thermal Neoprene Tank

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This workout vest is made from a material called Neoprene.  Its design and purpose is to enhance body heat, quicken weight loss, and expedite results!  This garment uses your body's natural heat to help tone and shape your lower body!

  • Reversible - one side black, the other is either yellow, blue, pink or purple... you choice!!  (making this item versatile) 

How to Wear:

You can wear this garment however you like and whenever you like, but to get the best results, we suggest wearing it during activities including but not limited to yoga, spin, kick boxing, the treadmill, stair-master, elliptical etc and also functions as postpartum or post surgical pants!

Great to wear alone, or as a complete set with our Neoprene Pants, and/or Neoprene waist cincher!!