Tummy Control Camisole/Tank Top

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This is a camisole... with tummy control!!!

This product is so exciting as it combines waist shaping with one of the most common pieces of clothing we all have multiples of... Camisoles!!!!  Why not combine these two items into one for easy comfortable everyday wear!

Perfect to wear under shirts, dresses, any outfit, dressy or casual, Just like you would wear a regular camisole... Except you know this one is hugging you in all the right places and giving you a clean smooth curvy shape!


Come in sizes M & L

These are very stretchy, sizing varies on how tight you want your cami to fit around the waist! (size chart below)

Comes in more Colors (listed under body shapers)... get them all!!

Care Instructions:

Delicate wash cold with mild soap, may to dry - do not bleach