How to Wear a Waist Trainer

4 to 6 hours per day is the approximate recommended time to wear a waist trainer.

We recommend starting at 2 hours a day until your body gets more used to it.

Slowly work up towards 6 hours as you feel comfortable by increasing wear time by 15 minutes a day.

We do not recommend wearing it at night.

Waist trainers can be worn under clothes throughout the day, but if you start feeling strong discomfort, we advise you loosen them or wear them when you are going to be less active.

Thermal corsets will help you sweat and accelerate fat burn while working out.

Waist trainers may help reduce inches, but it is also important to stick to a healthy diet and  moderate workout regimen so that results can benefit you long-term.

Consult a medical professional before making a drastic change in your lifestyle.

We cannot and do not guarantee any results.